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Orinoco Delta - Venezuela

The Orinoco delta in South- East Venezuela is one of the most exciting Areas on our Planet.

Enjoy the impressions of the lively, tropical jungle, separated by hundreds of snake-like rivers and branches, which let the Orinoco Delta become an outstanding wetland experience.

When the rising sun touches the quite waters, the forest awakes to noisy life. The sun climbs higher over the horizon, loosing its deep red, and letting the jungle shine in overwhelming intensity. A colourful cloud of birds gets startled by the screech of a howler monkey and lifts itself from the waterfront trees. In near distance the twittering and chirping crowd flaps down again on the green variety, while you are drifting lazily in your canoe with the stream.

During the damp noon hours the delta quiets down. But the dolphins still jump around the boat, their companion. And this is why you came to Venezuela! Becoming part of this wonderful nature and enjoying the variety of life. The Orinoco Delta boating tour is the best choice for all nature lovers and travelling addicts, bird watchers and wildlife fanatics.

In more then three hundred tributaries, that span over an area the size of Belgium, you will have the opportunity to watch the vast variety of birds, for example cormorants, bitterns, herons, hawks, toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, kingfishers, parrots, and the scarlet ibis. Also other animals, like monkeys, bottle-nosed river dolphins, manatees, the great otter, caimans, anacondas and other snakes, turtles, leguans, warans, and maybe even a rare Orinoco crocodile you can come across during this stunning tour. Let the river take you through world of jungle, water and sky. Visit with us the mangrove swamps and virgin jungle of the Delta of Orinoco and enjoy the abundance of tropical flora and fauna in this intricate labyrinth of waterways, which form one of the largest and interesting deltas in the world.

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